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Electronic Smoker

Who hears for the first time the concept "e-smoker", probably thinks of a new trend sport or of 2079. But both is wrong. "Electronic smoker" is simply called e-smoker. And this kind of smoking is already several years old. However, it becomes more and more known, also in Europe.

Many people say, that the electronic smoking shows the first real alternative to smoking. We would like to introduce to you on this side this form of smoking. And you should take the time to read the side, because it is really interesting and the first good alternative to the tobacco cigarette.

What is it now exactly about?

E-smokers smoke away no more a tobacco cigarette, but vapor an electronic cigarette. The biggest difference lays just quite indiscernibly in the sentence. The words smoke and steam are chosen intentionally thus. Since the tobacco cigarette arise several thousand toxic chemicals while dying away the tobacco, the electronic cigarette only steams a water mixture with nicotine salary and flavoring materials.

This is perhaps not so inferior as it sounds. The e-smokers look like a "real" smoker, also with an e- cigarette in the hand. These cigarettes look similar to the normal cigarettes partially (according to model). Only if you look more carefully, you can recognize, that the e-cigarette becomes small. She also generates a steam, which looks very similar to the real cigarette smoke, however owns no more highly toxic ingredients (nicotine impossibly) and stinks no more. On the contrary, now the steam can smell by the flavoring materials, even pleasantly.

You receive more detailed information about the e-cigarette itself on the following side.

Many people are not really open-minded and are always skeptical to new products, but even more those who are addicted, the smokers with the nicotine addiction included. And exactly here it is difficult to say a smoker: "Nevertheless try the new cigarette here. It is 97% healthier and costs only one fraction". Many smokers will certainly say: No thanks, I remain with my proven cigarettes, only because of fear, that this new thing cannot satisfy the addiction any more, or is not so well as the good old tobacco cigarette, completely no matter, whether she is 97% healthier or more favorable.

However, fortunately, there are always a few old smokers, who at least try out the new. And some must have liked it, because there are more and more e-smokers clubs and groupings. Of course more and more individuals also use the e-cigarette: the e-smokers.

There are absolutely smokers, who know certainly, what the cigarettes do to their body, the purse and also the closer surroundings. However, they can not get away from the addiction. They actually don´t want it all or don´t want it no more, however the stinking cigarette simply does not let them go, their will is too weak.

However, on the other side there are also the smokers who say: "I do not want to stop, I smoke with pleasure!." And they do this really, for inexplicable reasons. They smoke, because they do it with pleasure.

For both groups changing on the e-smoking makes sense and also to recommend very much. Why?

As already mentioned - and this is really true - Smoking of electronic cigarettes is about 97% healthier and it is much cheaper. The initial cost is higher, but the running cost is only about 1/4 as high. The smoker does not bother his people any more and receives for it a thank-you, entering the non-smoker's areas - with steam permission.

More about the advantages of the e-cigarette you receive on the following side.

Many advantages arise from it for the smoker, without to renounce his beloved cigarette. The e-cigarette is partially inspired by the deceptively normal cigarette (according to model). Therefore the (e-) smoker has still the feeling to smoke a real cigarette. She steams, tastes when required like a cigarette (with suitable e-liquid) and even an LED simulates the glow.

Those smokers who dare, can set a new sense of smoking. They can enjoy the cigarette again in places where normally the smoking is permitted. E-smokers do not stink and also do not bother the people and it is cheaper and better for your health (we had already responded).

For those who want to quit smoking, actually the e-smoking is an intermediate step to the final Non smoking..