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Electronic Smoker

When you hear the term "E smoker" one probably thinks of a new trendy sport or a futuristic product but you would be wrong. Today the letter E stands for electronic and hence Electronic Smoker, the technology is a few years old now but now its becoming more refined and affordable and more widespread worldwide.

Customers are reporting that smoking an E cigarette offers for the first time a real alternative to the traditional cigarette. Have a look around our electronic website and see for yourself what a great product the e-cigarette really is.

Whats the E-cigarette doing?

E-smokers don't smoke tobacco any more as in a traditional cigarette. The bi product is vapour water vapour similar to steam. Steam is a product we are familiar with hence we use this word to further describe the effect of e-smoking. The real cigarette contains as we have stated prior many chemicals and thousands of additives but the e-cigarette only has flavoured nicotine.

The best news is the e-smokers have the best of both worlds they have the look and the "feel" of a real cigarette but an e-cigarette in their other hand. E cigarettes look and are designed so to look similar if not exactly like traditional cigarettes. Only by in depth analysis can anyone know which type of cigarette a "smoker" has in his or her hand. Whats important is the e-smoker has an e-cigarette which only has nicotine and as opposed to smelly smoke has a water based flavoured vapour as its only bi product.

A bit more detailed information about the e-cigarette.

People are sceptical about any new product reaching their shelves and a period of testing and grace is normal, generally speaking people are not so open minded as a rule and avoid change. However the e-cigarette is here and here to stay and is becoming more and more popular every day. When you see 97% cost savings and a healthier lifestyle, its not hard to see why so many are switching, some of course die hard smokers will not switch and the best thing is we are all free to choose.

Some smokers will never change fact, but some even the sceptics will at least try out the e-cigarette and may become therefore e-smokers. More and more smokers are either quitting or joining help groups to stop smoking but there are those in the middle and likewise groups of e-smokers are forming groups namely, the e-smokers.

Smokers of the old real cigarettes can be die hard and oblivious as to what is occurring within their bodies and can never crack the addictive powers of nicotine, they choose not to quit but to be fair these smokers are a minority and their will power is weak.

Some smokers say "I will never quit" and "I like smoking and i will never switch not stop". The reasoning being the pleasures of smoking and the freedom of choice.

Why we recommend to all to switch to electronic cigarettes?

The costs associated with the electronic cigarette are minimal when comparing the excessive costs of smoking real cigarettes , although the initial buy of the unit itself is high, the super savings to be had even after a few days are massive! About one quarter of smoking for real on average. The smoker does not bother anyone with the new revolutionary product, no nasty smells and no invasions of personal spaces.

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For the real smoker who has switched to the e-cigarette after denouncing traditional cigarettes the feel and look of smoking are still apparent. Outwardly the smoker when using the e-cigarette looks like he or she is smoking a real cigarette and has the feel of the former product. The comparisons are uncanny and the deception complete when analysing the look feel and characteristics of the e-cigs they give of vapour which looks exactly like smoke and when lit the LED glows and gives the impression that the cigarette is alight.

The smokers who take the turn to a new and healthier lifestyle enjoy the feel of smoking in otherwise illegal spaces and can use the e products where smoking is not permitted. It's a cheaper option and as already stated many times will enhance and better your health.

Use the e-cig as an interim measure and utilise its potential to assist you to finally give up smoking for good.